I was first introduced to Pilates 15 years ago during my first pregnancy, when diagnosed with pubic symphysis dysfunction. After seeing the positive impact Pilates had on my body and after regular Pilates practice I found it greatly improved my health on all levels. I had discovered my vocation.

I trained with Polestar Pilates 10 years ago, which takes a whole body approach to the teaching of Pilates. 

I encourage my clients to get to know and understand their body better so the benefits of our sessions can carry through to everyday life and the activities they participate in.

Pilates can be used rehabilitively to improve overall function to prevent further injury.

Since completing my training I have made a point of partaking in various movement practices and have completed a range of movement based courses. This allows me to be creative and innovative in my own Pilates practice as well as with my clients and I ensure each week I make time for my own self practice.